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Our story

Priormade creates contemporary homewares, lighting and accessories using a range of sustainable, low impact and recycled materials. Attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship and responsible fabrication is at the forefront of every design.

Luxury design vs eco conscious

Beck Prior's design focus has always been contemporary and high quality. In the past, sustainably made products have looked recycled and had an overly ‘green’  aesthetic about them. Recycled creations were seen as 'craft' and were not welcome in the world of high profile design.

Priormade creates products that are high quality and long lasting; a collection that sits comfortably on the shelves of any luxury department store. We want to change common opinion and highlight that responsibly designed products can be more valuable, well made and striking than those made irresponsibly.

Individually handmade

All products are individually handmade in the Priormade workshop (Bristol UK). There is no waste created during the making process as all off cuts are used to create key rings, magnets and jewellery, or donated to a ‘reusable waste’ charity.

Beck Prior

Beck Prior (Creative Director) is a Design and Fabrication Artist who creates innovative works for theatre, film, public spaces and events. Conscious of the waste and environmental impact that this type of work creates, Beck focuses on using sustainable, recycled and low impact materials in every Priormade commission. Beck's work couples high quality craftsmanship  with responsible design; sustainable fabrication that does not compromise quality. 

Beck’s knowledge of materials, techniques and fabrication processes enables Priormade to take on a variety of projects. Priormade is commissioned to create works such as large scale interactive games, props, puppets, set design and site-specific art pieces.

In 2011 Beck began making jewellery with surplus materials from projects. Over time these products have become increasingly popular and it's now the main focus of Priormade. In 2019 we opened Prior Shop, a homewares store that showcases 29 designers who also make sustainably crafted products and artworks. 

However we still create large scale works so if you are looking for the fabrication of something specific, or you'd like our input from idea and concept; Priormade can design, prototype, build and install.  

Priormade also delivers a number of creative workshops and we are passionate about empowering community groups and young people to create large scale, collaborative and technical art works.